Zipline Renaming Contest.

By April 12, 2018 SuperFly 5 Comments

Z1 & Z2 Renaming Contest – Win a Superfly Ziplines Adventure for Two!

Z1 and Z2 are not the most creative and exciting names for ziplines, so why are they called that?
Before we built the two epic ziplines that redefined our zipline experience in 2013, Superfly Ziplines was called “Zoom Ziplines”, and during construction the engineers labelled the record-breaking lines as “Zoom 1” and “Zoom 2”. Throughout the process these were shortened to Z1 and Z2, but it was never intended for these names to be brought to the public. After some long nights of brainstorming by the team and much discussion back and forth, the internal debate over new names was deadlocked. When it was brought to a vote it came back as a tie, and so without a decision, the construction names of Z1 and Z2 just stuck.
In contrast, the third and fourth ziplines on Superfly are called “Godzilla”, a fan favourite that features the fastest acceleration of all lines, and “Basejumper”, which completes your journey down to our base area. Z1 and Z2 never really rolled off the tongue or fit with the others, and we’ve decided it’s about time to finally come up with something a little more original.

Send your most innovative and ingenious names for these spectacular ziplines to and if we select your ideas to officially rename our ziplines, you’ll win a gift certificate for 2 to experience Superfly Ziplines and ride on the ziplines that you named!

Contest closes Thursday, May 17th 2018.


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