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General FAQs

  • Where do your tours take place?

    All our tours start at our Cougar Mountain Basecamp, located 15 minutes north of Whistler Village. Click here for easy to follow directions.


    For more information and directions to click here: Our Basecamp.

  • What tours does The Adventure Group offer?

    The Adventure Group operates tours out of our Cougar Mountain Basecamp year round!


    In the summer, we offer Wedge Whitewater Rafting, Aerial Obstacle Course, Superfly Ziplines, RZR tours and Vallea Lumina.


    In the winter, we offer Snowmobile Tours, Snowshoe Tours, Superfly Ziplines and Vallea Lumina. We also offer snowshoe rentals from our Booking Office in Whistler Village. Click here to learn more!

  • Do tours ever meet from the booking office in the Village?

    None of our tours start from our booking office in Whistler Village. All of our adventures begin at our Cougar Mountain Basecamp.

    If you’re looking for an activity in the village though, we do offer snowshoe rentals during the winter. Learn more HERE.

    If you have any questions while you’re in Whistler Village and want to pop into our Booking Office, our Guest Services agents will be happy to help you!


  • Should I arrive early?

    We do ask that all guests arrive to Cougar Mountain Basecamp a minimum of 15 minutes before their tour time.


    If everyone on your tour is on time, ready to go with all waivers already filled out, the more time your group gets to spend out on tour.

  • Sometimes I need to take life saving medication. Should I bring it with me on tour?

    YES! If it’s something you think you will need or something you take regularly like an inhaler, EPI pen, nitroglycerin, etc – absolutely!

    Please make your guide aware of this at the beginning of your tour.

  • Is there somewhere I can store my belongings while on tour?

    For day time activities, we have complimentary lockers at base camp that you are welcome to use to keep your belongings safe while on tour.

  • Can I bring my own food to Basecamp?

    Feel free to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages! We have picnic tables at basecamp and firepits with seating for guests to use.


    We also have a café at Basecamp with snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to purchase.

  • Are all of your tours guided?

    All of our daytime activities will include best in class guiding to ensure maximum good times.


    Vallea Lumina is self guided, but our rangers are walking the trails and available if any guest needs assistance.


    If you’d like to go off on your own adventure, we have snowshoe rentals available from our Booking Office in Whistler Village. Click here to learn more!

  • Can I get a discount if I do more than one tour?

    We like where your head is at! Absolutely, check out our combo tours and their discounts here.

How to Get Here FAQ

  • How do I get to Basecamp?

    Our Cougar Mountain Basecamp is located at Sixteen Mile Creek Forest Service Road.


    For Day Time Activities:

    Transportation is available to and from our Cougar Mountain Basecamp for select daytime tours. Transportation is available for our tours starting at 8:30am, 11:00am and 12:00pm. When booking your activity, look for the option to add transportation.

    If the option to add transportation does not appear for your desired tour, you may choose to yourself and enjoy free parking at the base or use one of the local transportation companies:

    Whistle! (local ride sharing app) +1 778.770.1101

    Whistler Taxi +1 604.932.3333


    For Vallea Lumina:

    We offer transportation is available from the Village Gateway Bus Loop. When booking your tour, select a tour option with transportation. Space is limited, and we recommend to book in advance. Self driving option is also available with free parking at Basecamp.

  • Where does the shuttle pick up and drop off?

    The shuttle will pick up and drop off at the Whistler Village Gateway Bus Loop by the Whistler Visitor Centre and Spicy Sports at the listed time in your confirmation e-mail.



  • How much does the shuttle cost?

    The shuttle costs $10 per person.

  • How do I book the shuttle?

    Transportation for day time activities is available for tours starting at 8:30am, 11:00am and 12:00pm.

    As part of the book process, on available tours, the option to add transportation tickets will be available. After selecting the number of  guests participating in the activity, there will be an option to add transportation tickets. When adding the transportation tickets to the booking, add the number of tickets required for all the guests in your booking.

    Your confirmation e-mail will include the information including pick up location and the time of the pick up.

  • Do I need to book the shuttle ahead of time?

    Space on the shuttle is limited must be booked ahead of time.  The shuttle driver is unable to take payment on the spot for transportation.

    If you would like to add transportation to an existing booking, please call 1-855-824-9955 between 9:00am and 6:00pm.


  • What do the shuttles look like?

    The Adventure Group uses two shuttles. One is smaller white and green bus branded “Superfly Ziplines” and the other is a large blue school bus branded “Wedge Rafting”.

Superfly FAQs

  • What makes Superfly different from other ziplines?

    The big differences you’ll notice will be our harness technology that keeps you locked in place facing forward and the untouched beauty of our backcountry wilderness location.


    Our course also permits people to fly 2 at a time, so you can fly through the air with a member from your party.

  • How long are Superfly Zipline tours?

    Depending on the size of your group, tours typically last between 2 hours and 2.5 hours.

  • Can I bring my phone?

    Absolutely, the pictures from the tour will be epic. Hang on tight for mid zipline photos – it gets breezy up there!

  • How high / long / fast are the ziplines?

    The highest is 200m in the air, the longest spans 1.3km, and we’ve clocked a guide going over 120km/h!


  • How do I stop?

    We have an automated braking system. Your guides will teach you the correct landing position to be in during a safety demonstration before the tour begins.

  • Can I go tandem with my child or friend?

    All of our ziplines will have you side by side with your friend or family member on separate ziplines. We cannot attach your child or friend or anything else to you while you zipline.


  • Do you have any restrictions on who can join?

    Guests must weigh between 60lbs and 250lbs and must be at least 7 years old to participate.


    Please note, we do weigh all guests for safety purposes. If you are unsure if you will fall within the weight requirement, we have a scale available at our Whistler Village Booking Office to check prior to your activity.

  • I am pregnant. Am I able to participate?

    We cannot recommend that any pregnant guest participate.

Vallea Lumina FAQs

  • Do we need to book in advance or can we buy tickets on-site?

    We recommend booking online, over the phone or in person at our Whistler Village Booking Office in order to reserve your desired start time as space is limited.


    If you do find yourself at Basecamp without having booked in advance, one of our guest services agents will be able to help you out.

  • How do I get my ticket?

    Once you’ve booked, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that will include a link to your tickets.


    Please have your tickets ready on your phone or printed to present at the venue.


  • When and where should I arrive for the experience?

    Please arrive our Basecamp 5 to 10 minutes before your designated showtime. Enjoy a hot beverage from our Basecamp Café before experience the magic!

    Our Cougar Mountain Basecamp is located at Sixteen Mile Creek Road. When you’re heading North on Highway 99, look out for a big sign on the left side of the road that reads “Welcome to COUGAR MOUNTAIN”. That’s your sign to turn left!


    For more information on how to get to our Basecamp, check out our “How to Get Here FAQ” above.


  • What happens in case of bad weather?

    Summer – The experience still takes place even in the moonlight or rain; be sure to bring a rain jacket, umbrellas are not allowed as it may affect the viewing experience of other guests. We may cancel due to thunder or lightning storms but will give notice and re-book where possible.

    Winter – The experience still takes place even in the rain and snow; be sure to dress for the weather, with warm waterproof layers. Wear appropriate winter footwear for example insulated winter boots, gloves, scarves and toques recommended. Snowshoes and umbrellas are not permitted.

  • What are your operating hours for Vallea Lumina?

    The magic of Vallea Lumina begins after night fall which means that our start times change through out the year.

    In the winter on shortest days of the year, the earliest show can be as earlier as 5:00pm. In the summer on the longest days of the year, the earliest start as late as 10:00pm.

    Take a look through our booking availability on your desired date. If you have any questions, please call our Booking Office at 1-855-824-9955 and our Guest Services Agents will be able to help you.

  • Do you have group rates?

    To enquire about groups of 20 or more adults, please email groups@tagwhistler.com.

  • How much walking is involved, and how long should I schedule for the experience?

    Summer –The pathway is 1.5 km of mostely levelled and flat trail and takes between 50 minutes to 80 minutes to complete depending on each visitor.

    Winter – The pathway is 1km of mostly levelled and flat trail and takes between 30 minutes to 60 minutes to complete depending on each visitor. During the winter we do snow removal, salt and grit the trail, but despite our best efforts it still may be slippery out there. Take your time and enjoy the magic!

  • Would this experience be suggested for children, elderly people or for people with reduced mobility?

    Summer – The entire experience takes place outside within a trail network which is partially levelled but not asphalted. These paths are not recommended for people with reduced mobility since they consist of several steep staircases, that are both up and down. Using a baby carrier is recommended and strollers are not permitted.

    Winter – The trail is unpaved and mostly flat with one staircase. During the winter we do snow removal, salt and grit the trail, but despite our best efforts it still may be slippery out there. These paths are not recommended for people with reduced mobility. Using a baby carrier is recommended and strollers are not permitted.

  • Is there free parking?

    There is complimentary parking at the venue!

  • Is there transportation to the venue?

    We do offer transportation for a limited amount of tickets for select showtimes. In the booking window, please select ‘Adults or Youth with Transportation’.

    If this option is not available, we have sold out for that showtime. Please choose another day or time. Or choose a regular ticket without transportation and park at our complimentary parking lot at Cougar Mountain Basecamp.

    See our “How to Get Here FAQ” for more information.

  • What happens if I show up late?

    Please aim to arrive at your selected showtime. But, we also understand that sometimes, somethings happen that are of our control. We will do our best to get you back on track and on a following tour.

  • If we cannot make our showtime, can we postpone our visit to a later date or get a refund?

    Vallea Lumina tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

    However, we do understand that sometimes things out of our control happen that prevent us from doing what we planned. Give our Booking Office a call at 1-855-824-9955 as soon as you realize you aren’t able to make it and we’ll do what we can to get you back on track.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Unfortunately, pets are not permitted at Basecamp or able to join the rest of the family on tour.


  • What shoes should I wear?

    Summer – Closed toe shoes are recommended, high heeled shoes or boots are not advised.

    Winter – Insulated winter footwear with sole tread appropriate for snow and ice. Snowshoes are not permitted. Yaktrax, microspikes or crampons are permitted but not required.

  • Can I take pictures and videos?

    Yes! However, flash photography is not permitted.

    We’d love to see photos and videos of your time at Vallea Lumina, please tag us on social media: @tagwhistler | #TagWhistler. | #ValleaLumina.

  • Are restrooms available at the entrance or during the journey?

    Restrooms are available at Basecamp before you begin the experience as well as after you complete it.

  • Is it possible to eat on site?

    Our Basecamp Café offers non-alcoholic beverages and snacks includes marshmallows to roast by the firepits and s’mores kits!

    You are also welcome to bring your own food to enjoy by the firepits or at one of our picnic tables.

  • Is alcohol, smoking or vaping allowed?

    The Adventure Group has a strict zero tolerance alcohol, drug, smoking and vaping policy for all activities including Vallea Lumina.


  • Is there strobe lighting effects during the show?

    Strobe lighting effects are used during this show. Guests that may suffer from epilepsy or are affected by visual light stimulation effects are advised to contact the ranger staff prior to embarking on the walk.

Snowmobile FAQs

  • What should I wear?

    Dress for the weather! Winter is cold, so if you have ski gear, make sure you wear it. If you don’t, dress as warmly as you can, and make sure your gear is waterproof. If you have your own goggles, bring them along, and make sure you don’t forget your gloves. We would also highly recommend bringing a facial covering or a neck warmer to keep yourself extra toasty in the cold winter conditions.

  • What are the trails like?

    Our tours operate on 33km of open trails. The majority of our trails are groomed regularly, but the trail conditions can vary massively. We have some challenging and fun single tracks that we can head down for single riders, and plenty of incredible viewpoints that we will stop at in order to get those crucial Insta shots!


  • Which difficulty level should I choose?

    We offer both beginner and intermediate tours. If you have never been on a snowmobile before, book onto the beginner tour. Beginner does not mean slow! Some of the quickest tours we have ever taken out were beginner tours – but we do like to keep first timers together. If you have been on one of our snowmobile tours before, have done a similar tour elsewhere, or have any experience driving a snowmobile, book intermediate.

  • Do I need a license to drive?

    Yes, you do. To drive one of our snowmobiles, we require you to be over the age of 16 and have a valid learners license at least which is actually the lowest requirement for any snowmobile tour in all of Whistler!

    Make sure you bring your license with you, as Guest Services will need to see it before you head out on tour.


  • Can kids drive?

    Yes, they can! Make sure you book onto the Family Tour, and we will take you and your family out to an open area called ‘the playground’. This is where we keep our Mini Z’s, which are perfect for kids to get a taste of what it’s like to shred through the snow out on our tours! At the playground, the kids can rip around on the Mini Z’s while you get your all-important Insta shots or Christmas card photos for the family!

  • Can we change drivers mid tour?

    Not while the snowmobile is in motion! The tour does have a few pre-planned stops at amazing viewpoints and if you both have valid driver’s or learner’s permits then you can switch every time the machine is stopped.


  • Do you have winter jackets / pants / gloves that we can use?

    We have a few ‘emergency the airlines lost all my luggage’ pieces of clothing that you can use but chances are high they might already be in use, or that they won’t fit very well and that they will look terrible in photos.


Snowshoe FAQs

  • Do we need our own snowshoes?

    We will provide you with snowshoes.


  • Can I bring my own snowshoes?

    Please do! Our guides will need to approve them for use before the tour.


  • Is any food provided? Can I bring my own food in a backpack?

    The longer Ancient Cedars Tour will include a stop for a snack and hot chocolate. If you get hungry often, feel free to bring food. The guides might ask to sample some for… safety reasons 🙂

  • Why is my tour tentative?

    We need two guests for the tour to run, if your tour is tentative you’re currently the only one booked and we are waiting for your new best friend to join you before confirming the tour.

Aerial Obstacle Course FAQs

  • How hard is the course?

    Difficulty is subjective, and largely based on each individual’s fitness, experience and ability. We have a total of five sections, all with varying difficulty. Our first is the green section, which is the easiest of the 5. As you go through the course, from green to blue, to black, to double black and then red to finish, it gradually gets more challenging. The most difficult parts of the course are located in the double black, but there are always options to skip the really hard parts if you need!

  • How long does the tour take?

    This almost completely depends on you! Some guests love to challenge themselves and try to get through the course as fast as possible; some like to take their time. Some find the course easy; some find it hard. Basically, there is no set time that people usually finish, but whenever you do is fine with us! All of our activities are challenge by choice, which means if you want to come down early, we are never going to force you to continue, and there are multiple exit points stationed throughout the course if you need to come down or don’t want to continue!

  • What should I wear?

    The Aerial Obstacle Course is physical! Wear something comfy that you would be happy working out in, and also make sure you bring a waterproof layer as the weather has a mind of its own a lot of the time, and our tour is going ahead come rain, come shine! We would also highly recommend that you bring gloves as we do not provide any here (either climbing, biking or padded gloves if you have them).

  • My kid can reach 140cm while jumping and are really capable, can you make an exception?

    We have no flexibility in our safety policies, we’ll look forward to seeing them next year!

  • Are there ziplines?

    Yes, but they are nothing like Superfly Ziplines.


  • Am I attached to the course at all times?

    Anytime you’re more than 1 foot off of the ground you’ll be attached to the course. We use a harness technology that makes it impossible for you to fall out of the course.


  • I booked the Fly & Climb Combo, does that mean I’m doing the full course?

    Plan for a lot of fun because you’re in for the full course.



  • Do we have to wear a helmet?

    It is mandatory for all RZR guests to wear a Department of Transport Safety approved Full Faced Helmet while on tour.

  • Can I bring my own helmet?

    If it is a full face DOT/SNELL approved helmet that is less than 5 years old and passes our guides inspection you can wear your own helmet.


  • How fast can I drive?

    Our trail maximum is 40km/h however the trail network is so rocky, bumpy and fun that at times 20km/h will feel fast!


  • Can we stop to take photos?

    Our guides are also great photographers and will stop the tour at the most breathtaking locations for photos.

  • What should I wear?

    Dress for the weather in clothes that can get dirty. If it hasn’t rained in a while, be ready to get dusty. If it’s raining, be ready to get muddy and you’re in for a treat!


  • Can I bring my own goggles?



  • Do the tours go on different trails and to different places?

    The beginner tour will take place mostly on deactivated forestry service roads. The intermediate tour will feature more challenging single track terrain including rock crawling. Both tours go to epic scenic viewpoints, but they take different ways to get there.


  • Can I bring my kids on a RZR tour?

    If your kids are 4ft tall, and can fit our XXS helmets, you can show them what a good driver you are. We have an XXS helmet in our Whistler Sales Office if you would like to try it on before booking the tour.


  • Can I bring a digital copy of my driver’s or learner’s license?

    We require the original to be presented at check in.

  • Can I bring a foreign driver’s or learner’s license?

    If you haven’t had the time to get a Canadian license on your vacation we’ll be happy to approve of your license from your home country.


Rafting FAQs

  • Do you have towels?

    No, you will need to bring your own.


  • Is the Green River rough and is it suitable for my child or grandparent?

    The Green River features mostly Class 2 and a few Class 3 rapids presented in a way where they are suitable for all ability levels.


  • What is low water and high water? How can I check in advance?

    The Green River’s flow comes from Green Lake which is fed by all of the mountains surrounding the northern part of Whistler. Generally in May & June every day is a high water day. In July, August & September most days are low water days however a significant rain event or a heatwave might change this. The flow changes every second and we are unable to predict with 100% certainty what will be a high water or low water day far in advance. Just give us a call and we can check with our rafting team to see what it’s currently like on the river.


  • I have a family of 12, can they all fit on a raft?

    They could but it wouldn’t float very well. We put up to 6 guests on a raft at the most.


  • Do you have showers?

    We have a lake and a river but no showers.


  • What if I can’t swim?

    Our team of highly trained rafting professionals are ready to assist you in the highly unlikely but very possible event of you ending up in the water.


  • Why are the guides so good looking?

    Mostly genetics.