RZR Tours

Regrettably we will be unable to run RZR Tours this year because of COVID-19. We anticipate RZR Tours rejoining our collection in Summer 2021.

What if the journey and the destination became indistinguishable? As you turn off the engine in the emerald gleam of glacier-fed lakes, the cool shade of temperate rainforests, and breathtaking mountain vistas that dot the Whistler backcountry, it will feel like you’ve arrived. But, fire up the engine on your RZR and cruise along the rugged trails in exhilarating comfort, and you may not want to stop. Our exclusive RZR Tours weave unforgettable natural destinations and the pleasure of off-roading into one seamless journey, where the scenery at each stop rivals the power of the impressive vehicles. Venture side-by-side as the destination and the journey become one.

What to bring


What to bring

  • Layered Clothing
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellant
  • Closed-Toe Shoes
  • Long Pants

Tour Tip

Be prepared for some amazing photo opportunities on the Whistler RZR tours!

If you don’t bring your own camera, photographers will be on site capturing the experience. Photos may be purchased after your tour.

You will get dusty, possibly a little muddy, so don’t wear clothes you want to keep clean.

Full-face helmets and clear goggles will be provided.

Choose your adventure.

Alpine Sunrise

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Wilderness Ride

For true off-roaders. This tour will have pilots and co-pilots grinning from ear to ear as they explore the wilds of Whistler’s backcountry. Our skillful... Click here to read more >>
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BC Tour

The BC Tour has earned the title of signature tour here at TAG, and for good reason. With 2.5 hours to explore the lush temperate rainforests, stunningly b... Click here to read more >>
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