Cross the line

between unforgettable and unimaginable


Inspiration Series

Adventure. Joining inspired exploration with creative spirit. Diving so deeply into your physical environment the experience becomes both immersive and transformative. The Inspiration Series – an original collection of adventures that take you deeper, where connections with each other, your surroundings, and your inner self become both tangible and unforgettable. Inspiration through adventure. We promise, you won’t return the same.

Tour Tip

The scenery from the helicopter can be so impressive, that you will want to see as much as possible. Please don’t forget to blink.

A helicopter safety briefing is provided to all passengers upon their arrival at the heliport by your guide and pilot.

Flying in a helicopter is unlike any other flight experience. Make sure your camera batteries are fully charged and you have lots of room on your memory card.

Inspiration Series: Unforgettable adventures for the sophisticated experience seeker.