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Vallea Lumina

Vallea Lumina Night Walk

Vallea Lumina is an outdoor night walk experience that covers a 1km path through the woods. Come see the magic of Vallea Lumina for yourself and follow the story of two lost hikers from long ago into a hidden world of wonders. The path, illuminated by etherial lights and wondrous sights, will guide you deep into the forest to places few have even heard of. Tours happen nightly after the sun goes down making it a must do evening activity in Whistler.

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Activity Details



First show is at sundown. Exact time will vary depending on the time of year.

Before You Book

Join us at our quaint Basecamp at Cougar Mountain, a 15 minute drive north of Whistler Village.


Before and after your tour, warm up at one of our fire pits with a hot beverage and s’more from our Basecamp Café.


Vallea Lumina is a magical outdoor adventure that takes place within the forest. The trail is unpaved and there are some stairs along the way. For those of you joining us with little ones, we recommend using a carrier rather than a stroller.

Location & How to Get Here

Cougar Basecamp

Follow any map app to Sixteen Mile Creek Forest Service Road, Whistler BC, just a 10 minute drive north of Whistler Village. After turning off the highway at our large wooden sign that says Welcome to Cougar Mountain, a short uphill drive through the forest will take you to the basecamp. Complimentary parking is available at the venue.


Sixteen Mile Creek Forest Service Road, Whistler, BC, V0N 1B8

Tips & What to Bring

What to Bring

  • A keen eye for anything out of the ordinary


  • A rain jacket on those rainy nights


  • Gloves, your tuque and winter boots with warm socks – Hand and Toe Warmers can be preodered online or purchased from our Basecamp Café.


  • Loved ones to share in the wonder


  • Camera (with no flash photography please)


  • A Sense of Wonder


  • Vallea Lumina runs rain, snow or shine – Just like out lost hikers, dress for the weather! Bundle up on those colder nights, and bring a rain jacket when it’s wet out.


  • Please arrive at your scheduled showtime. Complimentary parking is available at Basecamp.


  • Follow clues left by our lost hikers to find the hidden valley and let them guide you to the magical world of Vallea Lumina


  • The illuminated salmon are a protected species, so if you happen to catch one please release it back to it’s natural environment.

What to Leave At Home

  • Umbrellas are not permitted on the trail to avoid blocking the view of other guests. On rainy nights, the lost hikers recommend bringing a rain jacket instead.


  • Strollers are not recommended due to the unpaved nature of the trail, but carriers for the little ones are a great alternative.


  • Due to the sensitive natural habitat of the Illuminated Salmon, pets are not permitted to join.


  • The Adventure Group is a smoke-free, vape-free, alcohol & drug free environment.

Safety & Requirements


Strobe lighting effects are used during this show. Guests that may suffer from epilepsy or are affected by visual light stimulation effects are advised to contact the ranger staff prior to embarking on the walk.

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Are You Prepared?

Everything you need to know before you embark.


  • Unique Experience

    This was such a cool experience which I believe any age can enjoy! Kids, family\'s, couples, singles! Each part of the walk just got better & better - constantly catching myself going wowwww! At the end we roasted smores by the fire, perfect way to end the night.


    Whistler. Canada

  • Magical Forest Experience

    What a magical forest experience. The lights, the music, the story - it really was amazing. I wasn\'t exactly sure what to expect and I felt like I was entered another world. At times, I felt like I was in Avatar or walking in Lord of the Rings. The trail winds through the forest and across streams and having the lights bounce off the snow added a lovely textural element. Beautifully done and so glad I went.


    Seattle USA

  • Magical!

    EVERYTHING. This was one of the most magical things we have ever seen/done and we\'ve been to every single Disney park in the world. Do yourself a favor and don\'t watch any videos of it prior to going so you can just be totally surprised! Very safe and suitable for kids of all ages if you have them. Dress warm, take hand warmers and try to go after there has been a good snow! 😍 Also make sure your phones are charged because you\'re going to want to take a ton of pictures and videos. 10/10 recommend.

    Jammie S

    Bakersfield USA

  • 5 Stars

    Pictures and videos don\'t do it justice, this is a 3-d audio visual wonderland of amazement, and all for $30 pp I have never seen such a show and bang for your buck. I am very out of shape and tackled it easily, took about 40 minutes at our own leisurely pace. Most affordable adventure in whistler and worth every penny and more, would be a fantastic family activity, and makes a great date night. I cannot recommend this enough or give it enough stars.

    Brandon C

  • Emotionally Satisfying

    This had a lot of unexpected amazing experiences. It was so visually and emotionally stimulating. I like that there was a hike to get up and down and we were truly in the middle of nature. A few of the spots I actually watched what was happening several times I loved it so much. Everyone should definitely get a chance to visit here. Thank you so much for whoever designed and physically created this truly magical experience.

    Danielle B